Selection, operation and maintenance of individual household water supplies

Information about the supply of safe drinking water to households that are not connected to town water supplies, including in relation to water sources, storage and treatment.

The Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2007 applies to all public water supplies serving more than 25 people, plus small, neighbourhood, rural agricultural and tankered water supplies. It does not apply to households that supply their own water (self suppliers).

Self-suppliers are covered by the Building Act 2004, which requires any building intended for use as a dwelling/house to have an adequate supply of potable water. You may also need resource consent to take water from a local aquifer or stream, this will be managed by your local council.

Read this publication to find out more: Household water supplies: the selection, operation and maintenance of individual household water supplies [PDF, 4.7 MB]


Accompanying fillable forms:

Form 1: Describe the water supply system(external link)

Form 2: Checklist for inspecting and maintaining your water supply(external link)

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