ESR specialises in investigating water quality, identifying contamination sources, and develop resources for our clients to better manage waterways and address possible risks to public health.


Ngā ratonga kai me ngā hua / Food & product services

About ESR's food & product services

ESR employs the largest group of microbiologists in New Zealand to provide you with the full spectrum of food science expertise – from identifying a foreign object in food through to food import and export certification. No one else in the country undertakes a broader or deeper range of research and investigation into food safety, quality and authenticity.

ESR’s GMP-certified pharmaceutical programme analyses medicines, cosmetics, natural health and other therapeutic-like products for local manufacturers and importers of international products, to determine what exactly is in the product. We also provide a secure, dedicated Stability Facility for product storage and testing of expiration dates.

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Food investigations

The aim of a Food Forensic investigation is to determine the what, how and when of food safety and quality issues.

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Pharmaceutical, natural health product and cosmetic regulatory services

ESR’s Pharmaceutical team specialises in the provision of regulatory services to support clients from a range of sectors including local manufacturers and importers, biotechnology companies and clinical trial organisations.

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Product screening

The adulteration or ‘spiking’ of foods, natural health products, and herbal preparations with drugs and prescription medicines is becoming a real issue in New Zealand.

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Natural health product testing

Our specialised team provides independent testing of natural health products, herbal products and complementary medicines for both local and international clients.

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