Radiation training and consultancy

ESR protects New Zealand’s people, environment and industries by supporting the safe and beneficial use of radiation and radioactive materials.

Our experts work with a wide range of private and public sector clients to provide advice, services and research capability on public, occupational and medical exposure to radiation, radiation safety, performance assessment of radiation protection equipment, and the measurement of naturally occurring low-level radiation and radioactivity.

We have strong working relationships with global agencies including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), International Irradiation Association (iiA) and have contributed to the development of the Comprehensive (nuclear) Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO). ESR is the preferred supplier of radiological science services to New Zealand's Ministry of Health.

For information on licensing for use of radiation and import of irradiation equipment or radioactive material contact the Ministry of Health’s Office of Radiation Safety(external link).

Radiation safety training

ESR has a dedicated team to help you develop your knowledge of radiation safety, meet regulatory requirements and protect employees through specialised or tailored training courses. Our expertise covers all areas of radiological safety and security, including medical physics, health physics, transport of radioactive materials, radioactive waste management, emergency response and environmental radioactivity. Our courses cover best practice principles and include a strong practical component. They can be developed to suit your individual needs and held at your place of work if required.

Radiation training, Auckland

ESR delivers radiation safety training to partners in the Pacific Islands

To register your interest or for further information on training opportunities, please contact: Tel: +64 (0)3 3516019.

Learn more about courses relevant to your profession below or email us if you would like customised radiation training to suit your specific needs.

Industrial Radiation Safety Training Courses

  • Radiation Protection Officer: this course would be beneficial to people who deal with radiation safety on a routine basis or who are responsible for radiation sources, such as X-ray equipment. This may include licensees, principal licensees, managers, supervisors and health and safety professionals with a responsibility to oversee the radiation safety programme at their facility. You will obtain the technical knowledge and competence to act as a Radiation Protection Officer according to the definition of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Basic Safety Standards (IAEA GSR Part 3). 

  • Transport of Radiation Material: This course is designed for people who transport radioactive material.

  • Radiation Safety for Industrial Gauging: This course would be beneficial to people who operate or work around industrial radiation gauges or who have safety or supervisory responsibilities associated with them. Industrial gauges use X-rays or radioactive sources and are used for a wide range of measurements in industry. These include steel, wood, construction, oil, manufacturing and brewing industries. You will obtain the technical knowledge required to hold a licence to use industrial gauges.

Medical Radiation Safety Training Courses

  • Radiation Protection Supervisor: The course is designed for health professionals who routinely work with ionising radiation for medical diagnosis (excluding breast screening and nuclear medicine) and who have responsibility for patient, public and occupational radiation safety. This includes medical radiation technologists, radiology managers, theatre managers, radiologists and other medical specialists, and community dental service managers. This course is a NZIMRT approved CPD Activity. You will gain the technical knowledge and competence to act as a radiation protection supervisor in diagnostic radiology. The importance of this role has been established by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Following completion of the course and an assessment, a Radiation Protection Supervisor certificate will be awarded. For more information about this course refer to the Radiation Protection Supervisor Training brochure.
  • X-ray Radiation Safety for Medical Specialists: The course is designed for medical specialists who work with ionising radiation in medical imaging. The training course covers the regulatory ”core of knowledge for a licence to use irradiating apparatus for the purpose of medical imaging (cardiology, urology, orthopaedic and vascular procedures).”

Instrument calibrations

ESR maintains a number of facilities to support our clients' calibration needs:

  • Calibration of diagnostic x-ray dosemeters such as dental, mammography and CT x-ray, patient entrance doses for general radiography, and doserates for fluoroscopy, AEC input doses and image intensifier input doserates, x-ray tube leakage and patient scatter levels.
  • Calibration of non-invasive kVp meters covering the following uses - radiography: 50 kVp – 150 kVp; fluoroscopy: 70 kVp – 110 kVp; mammography: 25 kVp – 31 kVp.
  • Calibration of portable radiation protection survey meters using our 137Cs exposure facility.
  • Calibration of radiotherapy dosemeters for both superficial and orthovoltage therapy dosimetry and calibrations for megavoltage therapy dosimetry.
  • Irradiations - we maintain phantoms and beam set-ups that conform to the requirements of ISO standard 4037. Using these beams, and data from the standard, enables us to deliver irradiations to personal dosemeters for the purpose of calibration in terms of the ICRU operational quantities, HP(0.07) and HP(10).

Learn more about our calibration services.