Primary Prevention in Public and Environmental Health (P3EH)

Public health personnel work collaboratively with a range of organisations to support health through prevention. 

Where organisations do not have health as their core focus, public health personal need to be invited to contribute, and their advice trusted to make an impact. 

Three case studies explored how public health personal have sought to influence decisions of non-health organisations through expert advice.  Combing insights from case studies with theory, a number of principles for engaging with non-health agencies are identified.

Understanding the knowledge and perspective of the people in non-health organisations is fundamental to ensuring public health personal engage in a way that enhances the credibility, saliency and legitimacy of their advice. 

REPORT: 2018 A Place to Stand Primary Prevention Practice in Public Health

Read details [PDF, 1002 KB] of study findings and insights for collaboration.

Background reports

The two reports below provide details on case studies of public health practice and background literature