Kristin Bohm


Kristin Bohm is a scientist in ESR’s Water and Biowaste department.

As a child growing up in Germany, Kristin was always interested in how things worked in nature. She borrowed science journals from libraries and at high school was inspired to study biology and chemistry.

 “I remember attending a summer school for high school students where we could do some fun stuff in the lab and listened in to university lectures – that raised my desire to study biology after finishing high school,” she explains.

After completing a Master’s degree, Kristin went to the Netherlands to do her PhD in microbial ecology. Then, she joined the Department of Agricultural Microbiology at the microbiology and biotechnology research company nadicom GmbH in Germany as research associate. At nadicom, Kristin helped design new bacteria-based biocontrol agents and biofertilisers.

Kristin works as an Environmental Scientist with the Biowaste Research Group at ESR, researching sustainable options for reusing biowaste.