The Lab

Take a tour of our Social Systems Lab and find out how we come together to address wicked problems.

The Social Systems Lab supports working collaboratively to understand and act on complex social and environmental problems. The Lab is also a space for innovation in methods and supports the application of systems thinking approaches.

We works in partnership with community organisations, iwi and hapū, government, and scientists across ESR and other research organisations.

Topics range from culturally appropriate biowaste management, public health equity issues, to implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improving the health of our waterways.

Our approaches to problem solving prioritise bicultural research methods and systems thinking.


Helena Rattray, speaking aboout the Lab and Te Mana Early Career Wānanga



Working with the Lab

Not sure where to start? We can offer problem structuring process to tackle those complex problems.

Just want to know more about our work? Check out our Featured stories,(external link) Current Projects(external link), Past Projects(external link), look for us on ResearchGate(external link), and read our publications in ESR Figshare’s Social Science(external link) category.

Have a project that would benefit from systems thinking but need to know more about the tools? Come and spend some time working with us in Porirua, Christchurch or virtually.