COVID-19 intelligence dashboard 

The dashboard provides a wealth of information for the public and the Ministry of Health on COVID-19 cases

The New Zealand COVID-19 intelligence dashboard (external link)

At key points in the COVID-19 response, the dashboard receives thousands of views in only a matter of days. The private dashboard, a tool for a very select number of health and Government professionals, has been viewed over 2000 times.

It provides the number of cases over time, a map of the cases by district health board, the age, sex and ethnicity of cases (whether they are linked to international travel or contact with a known case).The dashboard has undergone significant upgrades overtime, as the needs of the response has evolved. It now has an outbreak tab that describes each of New Zealand’s clusters, including the current one in Auckland and an international tab which shows how New Zealand compares to the rest of the world. Data hounds can download the intelligence for use in their own visualisations.

ESR’s response team has a wealth of specialist expertise that was used to develop the dashboard, including informaticians, epidemiologists, clinicians, public health specialists and staff who are experienced in responding to major national infectious disease threats. There are so many in the background putting this information together at a rapid rate to support the best-informed response for New Zealand.

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